We wanted to show the process of a commercial project from start to finish this week. This condominium complex is located in Bonita and is the largest project of its kind ever done in Lee County. We suggest using darker colored pavers for commercial projects because of the potential for tire marks and exposure to traffic on a daily basis. These pavers were also sealed, which is always recommended, to prevent any oil marks or damage to the color. 

Spotlight Property of the Week

The property we are highlighting this week is a commercial roadway on Sanibel Island. The color of these pavers allows for a beautiful appearance as well as the ability to withstand being driven over without affecting the look. The neutrals and hint of dark color compliment any surrounding area perfectly and is extremely flexible. The combination of smaller and larger pavers contributes to the roadways uniqueness.

The home this week is unique because it is the first Mediterranean travertine pool deck we have featured. This is a beautiful project with some shine that gives it a clean look. Each tile is completely different and they all fall into place so well. The border surrounding the pool breaks up the pattern and makes the pool shape pop. Travertine is a popular look with many homes in the area due to its shiny finish and resistance to dirt. 

Spotlight Property of the Week

The spotlight this week is a residential property located on Sanibel Island. We make it our goal to help our clients find the perfect color of pavers that will both match their home and be overall aesthetically pleasing. The neutral tones and hint of orange in these pavers compliment the property perfectly and brings out its best aspects. The shape of this driveway allowed for a varied pattern of pavers that adds creativity and makes the project pop from a mile away. Sealing the finished product allows for sustainable pavers, which is extremely important in Florida’s changing climate.

Our home of the week is a stunning pool deck, perfect for those summer days that are coming. The consistent pattern and mixture of light and dark pavers really makes this pool stand out. Because the color is so neutral, it compliments its surroundings of the home. The trim around the pool breaks up the pattern and makes it an even more unique project. 


Spotlight Property of the Week


Spotlight Property of the Week

Spotlight Home of the Week


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